Connect Hotel review

On our last legs we checked in to Connect Hotel, situated two miles on the outskirts of Stockholm in a place called Aljvo. The hotel is busy all year round catering to Stockholm International Fair patrons, a conference venue that gathers designers and businesses under one roof to clinch deals.

p8293877Psychedelic: Surreal foyer greets patrons

Located on the second floor, guests are greeted by the clean and colourful lounge, already an epitome of smart Scandinavian design.

Wide windows and clean designs make for ample space, while the bright cushions and moo print rugs add colour to the sleek and serious feel. Free internet is provided at the corner of the reception area.


Smart design: Books lie against the wall, providing deco as well as an efficient way of arranging books without bulky shelves
Executive dining: The dining room doubles as an executive board room, a place you can have a meal, catch up with the latest news and talk business with clients

Connect Hotel offers two types of rooms; the ‘Quick Snooze’ is a windowless room meant for transiting passengers vying for a short rest, while the other is an en-suite hotel room.

Full Swedish breakfast is included, serving a good range of ham, cheese, jam and continental bread. There is free flow of tea and coffee all day long. Dinner is also served at reasonable prices for those without time to wander off to the city in search of a grub.

p8293906Olive and cream: They know the colours that go

The hues of dark green and cream, coupled with eye-bulb lightings, lend the room sophistication. The impossibly small ‘quick snooze’ room manages a flat screen TV, two chairs and a shelf.

However one must remember that the ethos of the hotel is precisely what its name is: connect. Even its locations are situated strategically for passengers in transit at the Stockholm airport or at international conferences.

Connect Hotel was the cheapest we had to pay for our accommodation during our 10-day trip to Scandinavia, beating youth hostels that did not provide bed linen or any food and beverages. A definite yes for executives, but too impersonal for tourists.

Price: 4/5
Location: 2/5
Cleanliness: 5/5
Staff: 4/5

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