Boston to Southie

Over Christmas and New Year’s last year, I did a 3-day placement at local newspaper, The Uxbridge Gazette. To get there I had to be dropped off at Wembley station and took the Metropolitan line all the way to Uxbridge, which was the last stop.

For the three mornings that I was on that 30-minute train ride, I felt like Will Hunting when he was going back from Boston to Southie.

The sun was shining in my face exactly like it is here, although the train was much more old and rickety.

There were scenes of trees and buildings, but more barren with open fields and leaf-less trees.

And I most certainly did not sit like this, but heck, it’s a good picture anyway.

Good Will Hunting is one of my favourite movies, and so is Matt Damon one of my favourite actors. The placement in Uxbridge was hardly fun to say the least, although I did get three articles published. The office was really old, and they were still using Mac OS 8, which was big downgrade from MUSO.

Thinking about Will Hunting’s train ride was one of the only consolation I could give myself to wake up for those three mornings.

Vicarious. Surreal. To think you can live moments of your life from movie scenes.

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