What’s in a name?

Can someone explain why models hardly ever get their full names mentioned in fashion spreads? I was reading the papers today and found this:

Photographed by Zac Frackelton
Styled by Eve Thomas
Hair and make-up: Zoe Taylor, using Aveda and the Chanel spring/summer 09 make-up collection
Model: Amy at Elite

It is common to see such captions in fashion spreads in magazines and style guides that accompany daily newspapers. But doesn’t this make you stop and think, hang on, why is the model always last and why doesn’t Amy get her last name mentioned like everybody else?

Fair enough to say Amy isn’t an A-list model like Giselle Bündchen, but without such accreditations it is quite difficult for a model to be spotted and be able to take her profession seriously (I’m not talking Page 3 profession). The modelling agency probably has an important role to play in this, as most are commissioned by their agencies.

Names are important to a person’s identity (obvious, but think again) and how they are written and printed, spelling and all, can show us exactly the writers’ and commissioners’ attitude towards the subject.

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