Religion and rap

Here’s an article in the newspaper about how Christian rappers are bringing the love and life of Jesus into schools and colleges. It was reported in the Glossop Advertiser on 2 April, where I was doing my work experience a month ago.

“GLOSSOP kids got a chance to learn that rapping doesn’t have to be about bling and bad behaviour when a group of Christian rappers came to their school. The Band With No Name, a Manchester-based group of Christians who use their music to praise God, spent three days at Glossopdale Community College performing shows and helping in religious studies classes.

The three-piece comprising ChipK, Straff and QKid put on three lunchtime gigs and a weekend performance for the kids, who learnt that religious worship can be fun and cool.

“It’s been amazing,” said self-proclaimed ‘chief screamer’ ChipK. “We’ve been taking RE lessons, talking about our faith in Jesus. We’ve been showing a clip from Transformers. It’s about how we believe even if we put our hope in things, our ultimate hope is in Jesus.”

And Chip explained that even though rap sometimes gets a bad press, as a form of music it is completely compatible with his faith. “People try to set music up against God. But I really believe that God has created us with the desire to enjoy life. We do love what we do.”

Praise Him, praise Him!

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