His Kingdom rule, His Kingdom cool

Here is a photo I came across on the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity (LICC)’s website. It comes under the heading ‘Engaging with the Bible’.


What this picture tells me:
1. The Bible and modern culture can sit side by side.
2. The Bible is relevant to today’s popular culture – fashion, music and all associated with the industry of cool.
3. If God’s Kingdom rules over all the earth, then it too, must rule over Cool.

n. a realm associated with or regarded as under the control of a particular person or thing : the kingdom of dreams
n. the spiritual reign or authority of God

adj. fashionably attractive or impressive : I always wore sunglasses to look cool.
adj. excellent (as exclam.) a computer you didn’t even have to plug in. Cool!

Imagine my delight when I saw this picture: my dear sister, in a pair of Converse shoes, in all her jewellery glory AND her Bible, in a Melbourne park. All over Facebook. Did she think this was cool? Yes.



  1. Shiao Pei says:

    The bible is a comfy fit, with an edge of hipness. A growing trend among youths. Brings me back to the days when we studied the age of enlightenment.

    That’s what i thought of when i first saw this pic. And i absolutely love the picture.

    But yeah, your conclusion works better :)

  2. iamfamous says:

    yes wan phing thanks for calling me yr sister
    she protested loudly ‘ I DONT WEAR PEARL BRACELETS!’
    but thank u for making me famous ehehhe

  3. wantheng says:

    it’s aijet!!!!!! I took the photo

    i dont wear pearl bracelets and i have a metal bible, darling

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