Look up


© Jonathan Ong

Tue 13 Oct: @thesingingone and I went to watch the Disney Pixar film UP.
Mon 26 Oct: Jonathan Ong uploads my sister’s birthday party album on Facebook. The cover shot is a picture of helium balloons sticking to the ceiling.
Thu 29 Oct: At a home group meeting, God said he would raise us up like helium balloons. Life with him is an adventure, and we are to let him take control as he lets us rise.
Sun 1 Nov: Mark Lawrence brought a prophetic word to “Look up, not look out.” God said to fix our eyes on him, looking to him, keeping our eye on him.
Wed 4 Nov: @andyyeoh said: “The mind is like a parachute – it works best when it’s open”. But what keeps the parachute up? What kind of “wind” (i.e. thoughts)?… Your mind is a powerful thing. Discipline it, or it’ll discipline you. We need to fill our ‘open mind’ with thoughts that build us up, not bring us down. You become what you think.”

Picture 2

Thank you God, because you tell us to look at you and everything else around us – the impossible situations, the misery, the disappointments, the frustrations – becomes incomparable to how good and great you are. Thank you Jesus, that life with you is a great adventure. You’re the best.

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