‘My dad’s saved!’

shaz2I’d like to share a true story that a close friend, Sharon, wrote to a few us on 2 November 2009. (Left: Sharon and I in Princes Park, Liverpool, summer 2008)

Hi guys

I have terrific news and couldn’t wait to share it with my spiritual family. Two days ago my dad decided to give his life to Jesus! Ironically it was the night of Halloween (take THAT Satan!).

My dad used to be a very hard man; easily angered and extremely critical of my faith. His bad temper and moodiness was at its worst when I came back to Hong Kong recently – Denisha can testify to this. I was very discouraged, but continued to minister God’s love to him.

Some of you who’ve prayed with me know that I’ve been asking God to exacerbate the emptiness in my parents so they would realise their need for a Saviour. Then, finally, after praying for my parents’ salvation for 15 years, God’s promise has come to pass. My dad has already testified that he felt his anger leave him the minute he gave his life to Jesus, and he is so filled with joy now.

God is so faithful. I was reading the story of Rahab, and how because of her faith, the red cord (which we know is symbolic for Jesus’ blood!) covered not only her, but her entire household. I’m so encouraged as I wait on the Lord for my mother’s salvation too. I just wish I was still in Manchester so I could share my testimony at King’s Church. Maybe when I come back for my graduation, I can arrange for my dad to be baptised there.

Please pray for me as I continue to disciple my dad, and pray for my mum’s salvation. I will continue to keep all of you in my prayers. Thanks to all of you who prayed with me, fasted with me, shared your testimonies with me and encouraged me (you know who you are!). I hope that you will also be encouraged regarding your loved ones who aren’t saved yet. God can certainly turn what seems like the impossible into the possible!!

Love you all and miss you tremendously. xx

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