Invented with love

Over the summer I bought a whole load of DVDs, and just last night I had the chance to finally watch Edward Scissorhands, the 1990 classic by Tim Burton.

The film noir fairytale involves an unusual character, Edward (Johnny Depp) with scissors for hands, all because his inventor’s sudden death left him unfinished. The scene that stood out most for me is when the inventor (Vincent Price) first got his idea to create Edward.

He had a machine that cut cookies, and one of them was a love-shaped mould.

With a baked cookie in hand, he turned around to see a robot boy and thought to himself, “Wouldn’t it be nice to bring him to life?”

“There, there, I’ll give you a heart of gold, my boy!” the inventor decided. He placed the heart at the boy’s chest, and this is how he was inspired to create Edward – all from a heart-shaped cookie encounter with a tin robot.

That made me think about how much my creator God loves me, and how much thought he put into me – his work of art, his creation, his masterpiece. God is the author and originator of our lives, and luckily for us he did not die of a sudden heart attack and left us incomplete.

Thank you God that I am your masterpiece, created to do your good works. I cannot ever look at myself in the mirror and be unhappy. I cannot think about myself and feel inadequate. You did a fabulous job, and your workmanship is marvelous!

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