Home Day 25

Sin jamban ho pangsai
Remember Mum’s Hokkien words of wisdom? One of them is sin jamban ho pangsai. It literally means, new toilet good to poo in. She is of course, referring to Penangnites’ habit of ditching older establishments for newer ones, usually in terms of shopping malls.

In this month’s case, it is the new Hard Rock Hotel on the coast of Batu Ferringhi, apparently the only one in South-east Asia.

“Have you been to Hard Rock yet?” childhood bully M asks within the first five days I arrive home. Penangnites are really proud of their island. They make sure the tourist, or in my case, the Malaysian abroad, sees every ‘happening’ place possible. It is either that or they’re just really bored.

“No,” I reply.
“I’ll take you there one night,” he proposes.
“Ok,” I say.

That same night, Dad asks, “Do you want to go and see the new Hard Rock Hotel?”
“Ok,” I say. “M was just saying he’d take me there.”

Mum comes in the room and asks where we are going for dinner tonight. “How about we take her to Hard Rock Hotel tonight?” she beams.

Hi and mighty: mini bulbs shower from above at the hotel lobby

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