Home Day 29

Four weddings and a fever
Of all the four weddings I attended in my time here, the highlight has to be the fourth and the last today. My cousin is to be wed today in one of the best hotels in the country, the colonial Eastern and Oriental (E&O) Hotel by the beachside, followed by an exquisite 8-course dinner for 500 guests in the ballroom.

And today, the fever chose to strike. What a better way to celebrate New Year’s Eve than lying on the sofabed in one of the country’s most prestigious hotels, sick as a dog, as the crowd party away at nearby Upper Penang Road (UPR).

I can hear the soft waves lapping from the hotel bedroom. The French windows are left ajar to let the sea breeze in. The wooden ceiling fan is on low to ventilate the air in the room.

My niece, the 7-month-old queen is sleeping soundly in her cot, while her Mum and Dad are partying with the UPR crowd. I can hear the fireworks booming, the countdown chant, the party hoots and poops, the car honks blaring away.

The wedding guests are dancing in the ballroom into 2010, Dad is having a drink with his mates at UPR, Mum and Sisters have also gone to join the crowd.

I call Sis to buy me a can of 100 Plus, and nibble on the bite-size complimentary wedding cakes.

Happy New Year to myself.

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