Home Day 30

Today is 1 January 2010. I will celebrate this day with a poem written by my uncle Cecil Rajendra, a dissident poet and human rights lawyer who has published many books throughout his lifetime. I found this poem on the back of a card invite, stashed in between my letters and which narrowly missed its way to the recycling bin.

New Year’s Day
the resolutions
(and so little time
for so many intentions)

i will be good
i will work hard
i’ll be gentler
with my children
i shall snarl less
Smile more
i’ll be a little more
generous with my affections

i will diet
i’ll do my exercises
i will cut my drinking
Give up smoking
i will be a little less
boring in my conversations

i will stop bombing
Start negotiating
Halt the killing
Commence the healing
i will try
not to hurt man or animal

i will… i will….

that day
for resolutions
and the resolutions
come flooding in
for tomorrow
the betrayals begin …

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