Home Day 35

Today Sis and I are running errands for Aunt in London who wants a plastic card holder, which costs a ridiculous amount of money in England but a pittance in Malaysia. Many Malaysians who live abroad find that they stock up on things like toiletries and stationeries when they can because they cost so much more in England.

Meet Peter and Jane
At the local stationery bookshop, we spot Peter and Jane. Peter and Jane are our English friends from pre-school, and Sis and I are gasping excitedly at the thought of seeing our old friends again. Peter and Jane cost us a lot of trouble. Once when I pronounced Peter’s name as ‘pear-ter’, my five-year-old foe next to me corrected me and I hung my head in shame.

Peter and Jane also cost us our grades. If we couldn’t talk about them, we couldn’t know more about them. Peter and Jane were my first English friends. Peter had brown hair and Jane had blonde hair. They also had a brown Labrador and loved playing in the garden, going to the shops and playing by the beach. Here they are, Peter and Jane:

Peter and Jane, my first English friends from pre-school

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