Home Day 43

Breaking the habit
The late nights have started again. Before I left for Malaysia, I promised myself I’d sleep early and wake up early. But it’s midnight and I’ve just arrived at SM’s house, one of my best friends from high school. Small Sis tags along and best friend, S has already been here for an hour.

We mope around, all four stretched out on her double bed. In the background, the Haiti earthquake is unravelling on CNN. The big plasma TV is showing footages of buildings crumbling and people suffering. But we are looking at SM’s handbags from Bangkok, asking her how much they cost and gushing over their unbelievable resemblances with the real deal. S is on the Apple Mac while simultaneously reading Photography Magazine.

“The only thing is you have to buy them in bulk,” SM tells us about shopping in Bangkok. “So buy different colours of each and share them with your friends.” She and her sister did not have enough time to shop.

The air-conditioning is cooling and the bed comforting. Like hegemony, the pillow is absorbing my criticisms of shopping and excessive material wealth. But soon enough I find the pillow comfortable to rest upon. In our own world and in our own time, youth, affluence and invincibility are our key strengths.

Late nights at SM’s: disco dancing in our own world

Instant cameras and instant noodles
We play around with her array of Polaroids and DSLRs. But soon we get hungry, so we go downstairs to have instant noodles. SM’s dad is pottering about the kitchen, unable to sleep and also looking for a midnight snack. We sit around the kitchen table, slurping MAMA’s tomyam noodles and eating layered cheesecake.

Is more better? Instant cameras, all belonging to one girl

We go back upstairs, and Sis and I help SM find a tea cup she bought from Japan among her shopping mess on the floor. We can’t find it, and before we know it, it is 5am and time to leave.

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