Home Day 46

Temple of Fine Arts
Small Sis’s coursemate, B, arrives from Melbourne on his Southeast Asian tour. We plan to bring B to the best eating places in Penang, but unfortunately, B is vegan.

Malaysia is the home of good cuisine. In Penang particularly, we pride ourselves in being the food destination of Southeast Asia, home to the best street food in the region.

Luckily for vegans, many Malaysians are vegetarian due to religious beliefs. Most of them are Hindus or Buddhists, so we bring B to the Temple of Fine Arts (TFA), which provides a vegetarian buffet lunch for a donation.

TFA is located on Babbington Avenue and is frankly, one of Penang’s hidden gems. I wish to find more of them.

Indian women leaving the Temple of Fine Arts

Semi al fresco seating at the back

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