Home Day 48

Because food is so important to Malaysians, we would drive anywhere to eat. I am catching my flight to Manchester from KL, so today we drive down to the capital. But quite often, people embark on eating stop-overs amid the 4-hour journey from Penang.

That chicken chop place
Mum and Dad like to stop by Taiping, another old town left-over from the colonial days. There is only one place we go, and it is that chicken chop place.

Chicken chop is a Chinese/Western dish created by the Hainanese, who are famous for their chicken rice. It is breaded chicken with lots of gravy, served with green peas, tomatoes and potatoes.

As a Penangnite, I am not allowed to promote food from other cities, but Yut Sun Restaurant on Jalan Pasar serves an exceptional chicken chop. Mum and Dad frequently took us here as children, and I am almost reliving my childhood as I cut away at the crispy breaded skin and dip into the Worcestershire-sauce gravy.

Definitely a good way to end my trip, with only one note to self: must learn to drive myself there next time.

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