A love story in my jeans

Hand-me-downs are my favourite genre of clothing, and so when I inherited a pair of jeans from my older sister, I did not expect to see this one day as I put my trousers on. A ‘love story’ was printed on the inside of the jeans pocket, and as I looked harder it began to read like this:

The history of love!

It began in the year 1964 at the edge of a highway near Lake Tahoe – California. Susie Russell picked up hitch-hiking Douglas Tompkins. It took less than six months for the couple to get married and they decided to develop their own fashion label. And this is how the story began!

Especially for you ……

Haha, an excellent marketing ploy for clothing brand Esprit / edc – although a very creative one indeed. We need to think of more ways to slot mini-stories in random places, like how Happy Meals and Kellogg’s cereal boxes are already doing so well.

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  1. ruthanne123 says:

    Arww this is a great Idea for a business.. when I fall in love and make clothes with my husband I’ll think of this lol.
    I think I remeber you showing me this at Amplify, sooo creative :)

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