The invisible cloak

Which superpower do you wish you had? Many people have asked me this question, and my answer is always the same. I want to be invisible.

In the Princess Diaries (2001), Anne Hathaway’s character said: “My expectation in life is to be invisible, and I’m good at it.” That’s not what I mean, of course. I’m not talking about invisible as in insignificant.

The invisible cloak
One of my favourite scenes from the movie Crash (2004) is when Mexican locksmith, Daniel, comes home one night from work to find his daughter, Lara, hiding underneath her bed and refusing to go to sleep.

She is afraid of the monsters and bullets, so he tells her a story about an angel who gave him an invisible cloak.

D: She ties it around my neck, and she tells me that it’s impenetrable. You know what impenetrable means? It means that nothing can go through it. No bullets, nothing. She told me that if I wore it, nothing would hurt me. So I did. And my whole life, I never got shot, stabbed, nothing.
L: Can I touch it?
D: Sure, go ahead.
L: I don’t feel it.
D: Yeah. It’s pretty cool, huh? I can take it off and tie it around your shoulders.
L: Don’t you need it?
D: No, not anymore. So what do you think? You want it? Okay, put your head up. Is that too tight? Do you feel anything at all? Good. Then it’s just right.
L: Do I take it off when I have a bath?
D: No, you leave it on all the time.

The impenetrable cloak proves effective towards the end of the movie, when Lara runs out to protect her father from a gunshot. We know of course, that the shot fired was in fact a blank.

The thing about being invisible is that you have unseen powers. For a superhero, being invisible means you will never be caught, and that is the super advantage I want!

The invisible God
The Bible says that God is invisible, but proof that he exists is in the world that we live in today. God’s invisible qualities have materialised through the earth, the skies, nature, human beings and everything on earth. Above all that, Colossians 1:15 says that Jesus is the image of the invisible God.

For centuries, men have always been fascinated by the invisible realm. The notion of angels, spirits and the supernatural are mysterious to many. But perhaps the answer to our fascination lies in the fact that we have been created by an invisible God, a higher authority, who is kind and graceful enough to give us visible images as proof that he exists – the world we live in, miracles, unexplained healings and Jesus Christ, God in a human body.

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