Your Say

The verdict is out. The important issue discussed last week was, “Is it ok to use restaurant or cafe toilets without buying their food?”

Voters came back with a hands down 100% for YES – I always do that in McDonalds, while there were no votes for NO – I can’t bear being found out by restaurant staff.

One potential voter commented that it depends on the establishment. If it was a small cafe run by a couple, she probably wouldn’t, but if it was a global chain like McDonalds, she would.

Having said that, potential voter and I walked into KRO Bar today to err… relieve ourselves.

Going on the McDonalds trail, my next important question for you, history maker, is regarding HAPPY MEALS!

The question is, “Is it sad for adults to eat kids’ Happy Meal?”

YouVote is where you, the reader, get to vote on issues that matter to your daily lives, and this question of course applies to kids’ meals in pubs etc.

Scroll down to the right hand side of the page to start voting. Results and a short analysis will be provided at the end of next week. Have fun!

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