Insights from Genesis

I have been reading the book of Genesis as part of my aim to read the Bible in chronological order. Here are some interesting things I discovered:

1. Eve was only given a name after the fall (3:20)
2. God made them clothes from animal skin despite being angry with them (3:21)
3. Adam lived till almost 1,000 years old (5:3)
4. God decided that men should not live so long because of their natural tendency for wickedness (6:3)
5. Mount Ararat is in Turkey (8:4)
6. The rainbow is a sign of God’s promise to Noah that no flood will destroy earth again (9:12)
7. Abram was a hospitable man (18:1)
8. God visited Abraham in his tent, as a man (18:33)
9. Jacob was the first person to tithe, giving one tenth of his crops away (28:22)
10. Rachel was a shepherd (29:9)

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