Vivid dreams

I haven’t had vivid dreams for a long time, but yesterday morning I dreamt that I took the MEX15 bus (which doesn’t exist) from Piccadilly Gardens to north east Manchester.

I had gone to meet a few friends from church to go swimming at 8pm. It was already dark and they were waiting for me inside a shop house, which was the reception front for the Aquatics Centre. Because there were so many of us, we couldn’t all go into the same swimming pool. So we decided to split up, half of us making our way to Aquatics Centre North in north east Manchester.

I took all my friends to Piccadilly Gardens, where we boarded the MEX15 bus. I told the bus driver where we were going, and I said to him specifically that it was next to the dome stadium. The bus driver told me it would take 30 minutes to get there. It was supposed to be 8pm and dark, but suddenly it was rush hour and bright.

We passed through Gorton, and suddenly it was 3pm bright. There was a surprisingly huge Chinese community in Gorton. There were Chinese people in shorts and flip flops, and they were in eating in outdoor cafes (or chu cha, which are local stir fry seafood restaurants in Malaysia). I was so happy to have rediscovered Gorton, and I promised to come back with my friends to these eating places!

Suddenly I was in a Chinese person’s house/restaurant, and there were illegal immigrants working in there. In the backyard, there were bunk beds in gardens where the workers slept. I remember thinking to myself in the dream, what would happen to their beds when it rained?

And that was the end of my dream, in sunny Gorton, full of Chinese people.

I think my bearings are getting mixed up. Geography knows no boundaries in many people’s dreams, but I think what I saw was more of a desire to be in a hot country.

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