The Happy Meal verdict

Thank you to all loyal readers who voted on last month’s poll “Is it sad for adults to eat Happy Meals?”

A resounding 70% of you voted NO! on the basis that 10 years ago that was the average portion for an adult anyway. A tiny minority voted YES! in favour that adults should just stick to the society-imposed culturally-acceptable size today.

YouVote is where you, the reader, get to vote on issues that matter to your daily lives. Past questions have included:
Glasses or contact lenses?
Tropicana – smooth or juicy bits?
Doodling – rude or multitasking?
Restaurant toilets – ok to use without paying?

In observing the decline of the soap bar, this week’s poll ‘Soap bars or shower gels?’ aims to discover if people still use soap bars at all.

Scroll down to the right hand side of the page to start voting. Results and a short analysis will be provided at the end of next week. Have fun!

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