All the good things

2. Celebrated a few friends’ graduations. Well done, girls.
3. An awesome radio show with a Mauritian student.
4. Bagfuls of hand-me-downs from a friend, with Levi’s, GAP, MNG and Forever21.
5. Discovered the local library and came back with books by Zadie Smith, Monica Ali and Patricia Highsmith.
6. Benefiting from flatmates who frequent Blockbuster, so been watching Shutter Island, Daybreakers and Four Christmases.
7. Have been invited to Sunday lunch by a favourite couple.

“Every good and perfect gift is from above…” (James 1:17)


  1. Ching says:

    I am so happy for your list of 7 things!!! Well done xx

  2. wanphing says:

    Thank you Ai Ching, didn’t know you were reading my blog! What’s happened to yours? Updates please! x

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