What men should look like

I have been leafing through men’s magazines lately, and I don’t mean that sort of men’s magazine, you silly sausage.

ShortList is one that I’ve followed for years because:

1. It’s free
2. Has good quality paper
3. Love the size, layout and picture quality
4. Has big names on the cover
5. Has great features
6. Has witty captions
7. Danny Wallace is a columnist

Recently I’ve been looking through GQ in search of what magazines call the ‘perfect man’.

I have yet to get hold of a copy of GQ British, as I am waiting for a beautiful man to be on the cover. August GQ has Zoe Saldana on it and last month, it was Rio Ferdinand, so nope.

I had a look at this man in ShortList (left) and thought if he might be who men want to be – skinny, sharp-featured, cold – and think about the number of men who don’t look like that and what happens to them.

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