Spot the difference

El Cheapo was recently at the Manchester Art Gallery looking for Dorothy Bohm’s exhibition. El Cheapo likes free things, and one of them is free entry to museums like the Manchester Art Gallery. Alas, she was a bit too late because the exhibition has ended. So El Cheapo went to the gallery shop to look for her photographs and found the postcards below.

St Jean-de-Luz, France

The postcard on the left is free, and is meant to advertise the prints available online at the gallery’s website. The postcard on the right costs 60p and is meant to be sold. El Cheapo is such a cheapskate that really, for the enourmous sum of 60p, she actually settled for the free postcard.

‘A World Observed 1940-2010: Photographs by Dorothy Bohm’ was at the Manchester Art Gallery from 24 April to 30 August 2010. Her prints can be bought here and her official website is here.

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