Burnt out? But I’m only 24.

Learning some of life’s hardest lessons:

1. I’m busy because I’m blessed. I’m not busy because it looks good.
2. I felt unhappy all week, but God gave me joy and rest.
3. God doesn’t expect me to do more than I can.
4. Service with a scowl? Just say no next time.
5. Examine my heart, O Lord, and make sure my motives are always right.
6. A Christian loves, not tolerates. To tolerate is to look down, to respect is to look up.
7. Mean what you say and say what you mean.
8. Never say ‘yes’ if you’re going to retract it. Say ‘let me get back to you’ and do it.
9. Stop ‘feeling bad’ because it leads to guilt. Fear God, not people.
10. I lay these down to pursue the liberating fear of God.

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