A bizarre dream involving elevators, planes and cocktails

This morning I had a really bizarre dream. My friend J had moved into Chandos Hall and we were going to visit her room on the 7th floor. I told her that I used to live in Chandos Hall too, and was counting in my head if the 7th floor was also Floor H which I lived in (Floor H is actually the 6th floor). I asked why she didn’t opt for the big rooms in the corner which I had in my final year at uni.

Myself, J, flatmate S, church friend V and an overweight German friend got into the elevator, but it was going so slow due to our uneven weights. The elevator suddenly looked much bigger and the floor started to tip around, so we decided to spread our weight around to balance it. It felt like we were balancing on a flying carpet or a giant saucer-shaped UFO.

By the time the elevator doors opened we were on the rooftop of the building, and there was a small Cessna plane and loads of people having a party. The sun was shining, and it was the same hot feeling I felt in my Gorton dream. Some were standing around, while some were sitting under Balinese-style sunset bars with thatched roofs.

My friends from church, P and T, were sat at one of these bars. Sipping cocktails, we got into a conversation about sexual promiscuity. P said it was ok to kiss someone as long as they didn’t sleep with each other, and I said no, you shouldn’t kiss nor sleep around with anyone who is not your spouse. I turned to T and asked, “Aren’t I right??” T said yes.

The dream ended as I saw a whole lot of people making their way downstairs. But the small plane was still there and I watched as the sun continued to shine on the open-air rooftop.

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