New vote for October

It’s the time of the month again for a new vote. Last month’s poll was: should tourists be charged a higher price to enter local attractions?

The result was a resounding 50/50, with half of you saying it is fair to boost local tourism economy and the other half saying no, because all humans should be treated equally.

The justification, I have discovered from guided books, is that tourists from more affluent countries have a moral responsibility to contribute to poorer nations’ economy through paying higher prices. Sounds political to me!*shrugs*

But this month, seeing as most shops have started gearing up for Christmas (2011 diaries from Paperchase, turkey order forms from M&S) the next poll is:

Is October too early to think about Christmas?

Yes – we need to stop the massive consumerism surrounding this pagan festival!
No – I’ve booked my holidays and bought a dress for the office party

VOTE now on the right to have your say!

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