Planet Starbucks

I succumbed to Planet Starbucks. On Tuesday, I went into the café first thing in the morning and bought myself an Americano.

All morning I dreaded the thought of having to drink instant coffee as I had forgotten to bring my cafetière to work. So I succumbed to Planet Starbucks.

But as I watched my paper cup sit next to my iPod earphones and computer keyboard, I thought about Jack the narrator, who laments in Fight Club: “When deep space exploration ramps up, it’ll be the corporations that name everything, the IBM Stellar Sphere, the Microsoft Galaxy, Planet Starbucks.”


  1. Chino Devean says:

    Tsk tsk Starbucks pulak… you’ll probably find this interesting –

  2. wanphing says:

    “This is a place not of burial, but transformation.” Wow! A recycler’s dream. Love the term “single-use cup”, very much like Edward Norton’s single-serving sugar, single-serving cream and single-serving friends on airplanes.

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