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Cheapskate wedding

They say girls always talk about their wedding days, irregardless of whether they have boyfriends or not.

Apparently, girls talk incessantly to each other about what their dream wedding would look like, what dress they want to wear and don’t realise how much this scares men.

Well, last week El Cheapo came across this Lola by Marc Jacobs advert in September’s GLAMOUR magazine and thought about her wedding day!

What El Cheapo really liked about this perfume ad was that it gave her inspiration for DIY wedding flowers.

El Cheapo never realised how expensive flowers were until she attended two weddings this summer. Big lush bouquets are the stuff of princess and celebrity weddings, as flower prices, like venue hire prices, rocket during weddings and Valentine’s Day.

When El Cheapo gets married, she is going to have a tight budget; a hand-me-down dress from a sister in Australia, home-made cakes, borrowed cars, Converses, a chapel in a Third World convent. So what makes anyone think she is going to pay for fresh flowers?

Felt is a cheap material to get hold of, and as the advert above shows, can be moulded into flower cups, placed on mesh and voila! Le fleur de le fleur.

Alternatively, some borrowed ideas include this buttons and pearls on mesh boutique spotted at the Perkins’s wedding.

Buttons and pearls on mesh

2 comments on “Cheapskate wedding

  1. Janice
    December 6, 2010

    i will gladly help out with handcrafting flowers etc for your wedding :)

  2. wanphing
    December 7, 2010

    Thank you thank you! You’ll have free creative reign

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