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Twitter feed (12/12)

I knew quitting Twitter was a bad idea, because here I am trying to get all my random, disconnected one-liners out! It’s like having mental constipation.

1. Feeling really homesick at work this week.
2. Instant boiling water for breakfast.
3. The worst part of my job is researching nightlife in Asia. All the seedy sites pop up.
4. Discovered the Arndale Market is the best place to have lunch – paninis from £2 and you get to sit down, too.
5. Always happy when there’s a bit of tea or coffee left in my mug.
6. I have a growing pen collection.
7. Dislike watching TV even when I have the chance to. I prefer listening to radio.
8. Though this body will waste away, eternal life has begun for me.

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