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Twitter feed (29/12)

A trail of thoughts as the month comes to a close…

11 Dec: We are all unique and diverse yet one in Christ
12 Dec: My parents love to travel. I want to take them on a driving holiday!
14 Dec:Ang moh make koay teow for you ah” – flatmate describes my love for Tampopo
16 Dec: HMV is open by 8am and blaring out Madonna on my work to work
24 Dec: I was the only person in the 147 bus from the hospital to the train station. It felt like a 40-seater private taxi for 80p
29 Dec: Apparently I get paid less than a builder

2 comments on “Twitter feed (29/12)

  1. Elle
    December 29, 2010

    Builders earn more than me too. They work hard and under risky conditions. I’ve been eating so much ang moh food – really craving instant noodles with egg.

  2. wanphing
    December 31, 2010

    Happy New Year to you Elle! Ang moh food is not all that bad, isn’t there plenty of Asian in Irvine? Haha.

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