It’s Wednesday, which means it’s ShortList day. Not one of my favourite magazines I must say, but one that I read because it’s so accessible (about 4-5 kiosks from the bus station to the office), flighty (big bold pictures) and digestable – perfect for this soundbite generation.

The magazine vendors always hand you both ShortList (for men) and Stylist (for women), but this morning I heard the man behind me say, “Uh, just the male one please.”

But why? Don’t men read female magazines? Take it home for your wife and girlfriend! I read ShortList and I’m female. But actually I understand. I only read ShortList ‘cos it’s free and accessible. I once bought GQ and Men’s Health and just thought, I need to stop pretending I even like this stuff.

Well, I guess men just want to read MAN STUFF. One day, I’ll create a magazine called MAN STUFF.

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