Beyond 2011

It has been two weekends since the Beyond Weekend Away in Cefn Lea, Wales – but it definitely feels much longer. Time has passed quickly and so much has happened since then, like Chinese New Year and a visit from an aunt in London.

I was very much looking forward to the weekend as it would be my last. Firstly, I have reached the age limit for the conference and secondly, I am leaving the country. I have also always liked going to Wales – it is a breath of fresh air from Manchester city centre.

At Beyond, I discovered these important things about God:
• God is not afraid of sin. He is not afraid of being ‘tainted’ by darkness
• Jesus was a man, but he lived without sin
• It is possible to live a life without sin
• Holiness is not an option, it is who we are
• To follow the lead of the Holy Spirit, by going ‘into’ and fleeing a situation
• Balancing the tension that we are set apart yet called to the world
• This tension may be referred to as a ‘grey area’ or a ‘slippery slope’ but none of which can fully explain this mystery, which leads me to a quote I once heard:
• ‘The Bible is full of contradictions, and I believe very single one of them.’

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