Easing my way back into Asia

The 10 days in Italy did me much good. Not only was it a European break, it provided a sort of culture shock bumper for my return to Asia. As many may know, southern Italy is not very much unlike Southeast Asian cities…

The constant sunshine making my eyes squint and getting used to sunnies again.
Residents in Positano burning open fires in their garden, very much like neighbours in Penang burning leaves in their backyard.
Illegal parking attendants. Complete with fake tickets unauthorised by the council and evil eyes that threaten to scratch your car if you choose not to pay them.
Drivers who do not give way to pedestrians. In Naples I crossed the road with my palms out as a way of stopping cars, in Penang we do the same.
Drivers who do not wear their seatbelts, run red lights and cut queues. Yep. Sounds just like Dad and Sis.
People who stare unforgivingly and unashamedly on public transports and in shopping malls.


  1. wantheng says:

    And I quote the Sis after flying mid-air in the Alfa and landing hard with a thud:

  2. wanphing says:

    I like that… from now on she’ll be known as the Flying Sis. More road rage and Penang Ah Lian driving awaits you in June

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