9 green points

My first month in Singapore has largely been: observe and follow. However, there are things that are within my control, so from now on I will:

1. Recycle my paper at home and in the office

2. Cut down on take-away lunches in the office

3. When I do have take-away lunches:
– refuse the plastic cutlery
– refuse the disposable chopsticks
– refuse the carrier bag
– wash the container and re-use it for food storage

4. When I do have take-away drinks:
– refuse the plastic holder
– look into bringing my own mug/flask

5. Make my own lunch whenever possible for health and monetary reasons

6. Eat a ‘Western’ breakfast consisting of soy milk, cereal, fruits, bread and coffee

7. Fresh fruits and jelly for dessert, instead of chocolate and cake

8. Refuse carrier bags and packaging when shopping in malls

9. Take the bus whenever possible over the MRT, and walk if distance permits

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