Singapore’s four seasons

So apparently, spring, summer, autumn and winter do exist in Singapore.

By the looks of this ad (and many other local magazines), cowboy boots, mittens and woolen jumpers are selling very well in equatorial Singapore.

Could it be the freezing air-con in anything indoors, or maybe so many of us spend our weekends abroad in colder countries?

What happened to good ol’ sun in my face, bare feet on hot sand, party on the beach, cocktails and breeze?

Join me in revolutionising lifestyle in Southeast Asia.

Embrace antique ceiling fans, spend lazy afternoons in shaded cafes, read a book under a tree, run in the park and sweat it out without having to go to a sauna.

That way, we can all do our bit to stall global warming, learn to appreciate our surroundings, and put to good use what we have in abundance – sun, breeze and rain.

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