The $100 test

Last week, I tested out the possibility of living in Singapore on a budget of $100 a week. It came about because I only had $100 left in my purse until payday. The below lists day-to-day spending and excludes pre-loaded MRT fares or one-off buys.

Pineapple fried rice $4.20
Harry Potter at Golden Village $7.00
Fuzhou hand-made noodles $4.00
Orange juice $2.00
Nasi padang $17.00
Wafer ice cream $1.00
Coffees (x2) $2.40
Bread $1.80
Chiffon cakes (x10) $15.80
McDonalds cone (x2) $1.40
Green curry rice $4.80
Teochew dumpling noodles $3.50
Wanton mee $3.00
Fruits $1.50
Hor fun dinner $10.00
Vending machine $0.60
Offering $10.00
Dinner at Puncak $10.50
TOTAL = $100.50

But I don’t know why I still have $1.30 left in my wallet. Either I’ve forgotten the exact price of items I’ve paid for, or I’m just bad at balancing the books. Or maybe it’s God! Thank you God.


  1. Elle Zhang says:

    You eat hor fun in hotel ah?? $10 why so expensive!

  2. wanphing says:

    Hahaha, it was only in a cornershop restaurant. I think that included chicken wings and teh peng, too

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