Bye bye bubble

On the rocks off Queensbay, Penang

n. a thin sphere of liquid enclosing air or another gas
n. place or position of isolated safety
they are not on tour packages seeing foreign ports from a bubble

Penang is my bubble. It’s where I grew up, and it’s where my parents have created this place of isolated safety for me.

In my mind, Penang is play. It is summer holidays, the beach, long lunches and lazy afternoons. It is good food, good shopping and a good standard of living. There are cars to drive, dogs at home, dinners with family – middle class suburban utopia.

There are friends to meet, lunches to eat, pictures to take. Penang is hedonism. 100% pure hedonism. The entire city is like one big, soft pillow. If you lie on it, you’ll soon fall asleep.

I want to burst the bubble, but I can’t. So what do I do? I’m leaving the bubble. If the bubble cannot burst, then I have to say goodbye.

Bye bye bubble.



  1. Chino Devean says:

    It’s like leaving the Island… so who’s your Ewan McGregor?

  2. wanphing says:

    I’ve left The Island to be on another island! Twice its size, a shiny concrete jungle whose inhabitants are pressured to work night and day and refuse to produce babies. My Ewan McGregor will soon rescue me from this island…

  3. Elle Zhang says:

    Singapore was my bubble. But I’m coming back for more! Happy giler

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