A log of lousy shoes

In my six months here in Singapore, I’ve had to throw away six pairs of shoes. How annoying! I’m no longer interested in fast, cheap fashion. Please give me quality and durability.

Black ‘snakeskin’ heels
Condition: Fairly new, hand-me-down, no brand
Duration: 5 wears before splitting in all sides

Dark blue ballet pumps
Condition: Fairly new, hand-me-down, no brand
Duration: 8 wears before soles came off

Brown leather shoes
Condition: Fairly new, hand-me-down, no brand
Duration: 6 wears before soles came off, re-soled, got wet in the rain and turned into pulp

Grey covered shoes
Condition: Second hand, no brand
Duration: 3 wears, soles came off

Vans black and white sneakers
Condition: Bought in early 2006 for £43, survived gigs, guts and plenty of rain in Manchester
Duration: 5 years, before I decided they were too dirty and smelly to look cool anymore

Charles & Keith beige pumps
Condition: Bought in mid-2007 for RM88 (£18)
Duration: 4 years, only because it was hardly worn in Manchester, before its soles came off today in Singapore


  1. dapperdolly says:

    I agree, I tend to have a ‘rollover’ of shoes at 10 year intervals – so they last a decade when not too worn. The shoes I do wear daily last 2-3 years. I don’t really buy many shoes though, I tend to be conservative in that area because I know I’ll barely wear any exotic ones so I just have a pair in each type like trainers/sneakers, boots, knee high boots, wedges, walking heels, slippers, wellies. They tend to all be Black so they go with everything.

  2. wanphing says:

    Great idea! 10-year intervals shall be a standard.

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