When bubbleguy met athenanike

This is the story of how bubbleguy met athenanike and what they talked about last night. bubbleguy met athenike on mIRC (don’t pretend you don’t know) when she was 12 and he was 17. After many years apart, they met again last night in Gurney Drive.

Over a dinner of char koay teow, lor bak and ais kacang, they talked about their childhood in Penang. They recalled mutual friends, joyrides in a maroon Kancil, basement drifting in a Satria, brothers, sisters and best friends.

He recalled her memories of sneaking away from school for band practice, using the church office for personal jam sessions, playing jazz in college, visiting the rumah mayat, peeing in Balik Pulau Market.

Then they arrived at the present. IT tickets, 10pm conference calls with the States, climbing the corporate ladder, PR and citizenship. They talked about the future – a wedding at the E&O, Subway franchises, San Francisco, an apartment at The Cove.

When bubbleguy meets athenanike again, more stories will be told, more dreams weaved, more lives changed.

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