By the window ledge

By the window ledge at midnight
I see the shadows of a man
A man I once knew
In my youth
In my naïvete
He took me to the top of the city
To tell me his dreams
His hopes and his ambitions

I sat on the bed and watched him in the corner
A face I once knew very well
The darkness enveloped us
Only the city lights are dotted like fireflies

I listen in the quiet of the night
Amidst darkened office towers
And empty rooftops on a shopping mall

The man told me about shells
And layers and futures
His crisp white shirt
Gleaming against the full glass windows
His dark jeans hidden by the window ledge
Not angel, merely a man

I listened as my head sunk
Deeper and deeper into the big white pillows
Until I could hear him no more
And I was left with the sound of my own breathing.

written 8 december 2011

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