The Arab and his Chinese girlfriend

Once upon a time, there was an Arab who had a Chinese girlfriend. The Arab was dark, short and stubby, while the Chinese girl was tall, fair and skinny.

The Arab had flown all the way to England to visit the Chinese girl, who was living and working in London.
Everyday, the Arab would wait patiently for her. He walked her to work, and waited until she finished before they had dinner together. Then, he takes her shopping.

They go to Marks & Spencer, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and all the wonderful places to go shopping in London.

One day, the Arab says, “Let’s go to Louis Vuitton.”

“Alright,” says the Chinese girl.

As they enter the store, the suited salesman greets them with enthusiasm. “Oh good evening, my Sheikh. How may I help you and your lovely wife?”

The Arab and his Chinese girlfriend look at each other. “We are looking for a special gift,” the Arab pretends.

“Ah yes, my Sheikh. This here is our latest wallet. It costs £5,000,” the salesman says. “But if it does not suit you, my Sheikh, we have one here that is £50,000,” he adds.

The Arab purses his lips. The Chinese girl holds onto his arm, pretending to be interested. “We’ll consider,” he replies.

Ten minutes later they exit Louis Vuitton in silence. They looked into each others’ eyes, and then at the colour of their skin, intertwined in their arms locked together.

The Arab is in fact a Hispanic boy who grew up on a cocoa farm in El Salvador; the Chinese girl, a daughter of the Straits of Malacca.

The Arab is now married to the Chinese girl, and they will live happily ever after in America – the land of freedom and opportunity.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Hehe, somehow I knew it was about Shin and Diego as I started reading it! Is that a true story?? So happy and pleased for them :) It’s great that you were able to be there to witness their Godly-blessed matrimony too! And I know one day it shall be your turn soon and I hope I could be there! Love you, Cheng Lu x x x

  2. Catz says:

    This is an amazing story. Thanks for sharing this :)

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