10 days of Chinese New Year

Day 1: Arrive in Penang, kidney meatballs, lady’s fingers and home-made fish ball soup
Day 2: Driving my sister to work, coffee with my favourite aunt, running errands in town

Coffee and jam biscuits with my favourite aunt

Day 3: Reading at home, afternoon tea time alone, housework at night
Day 4: Washing the car, washing the dog, cinema trip with the family
Day 5: House chores, tea time with ex-schoolmates, reunion dinner, fireworks and a midnight drive up to Kek Lok Si

Bundles of vinyl along Campbell Street

Day 6: Lunch at home, afternoon at Grandpa’s, roaming the streets of Penang in search of its nightlife with my sister and a cousin
Day 7: Visiting a childhood friend, driving to Batu Gantong, reminiscing around Green Lane, having a McDonald’s, reading at home

Kampung life in northern Perak

Day 8: To Pengkalan Hulu, Temenggor dam, kolam air panas Ulu Legong
Day 9: To Klian Intan, Grik, Sik and a Thai “glass bottle” temple in Kedah
Day 10: Back to Singapore

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