Short stories at 14

At the age of 14 my imagination was at its wildest – I created my very own Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. My story revolved around a rich teenage boy who falls in love with an ordinary girl in school.

He lives in an amazing mansion, drives a Mercedes SLK 230 to school, is part of a dangerous cult and is able to perform supernatural acts and decipher ancient scrolls. They share a few classes, sit together in History and go to the school dance together.

There are Elders in the cult who predict her arrival in his life, and as their relationship progresses, the girl begins to grow a tattoo on her back which gets stronger and stronger by the day. It starts to control her life and even tells her where to go.

She is occasionally made to drink his blood, and there are occasional vampire sightings in the wood. His involvement in the cult begins to threaten their relationship, and she ends up dead in the snow, after escaping into the forest, her body surrounded by a pack of wolves.

Occasional themes that appear in the story include nature, man and animal. There are slow walks in the forests, a drive in the countryside, mountains, rivers and picnics.

The teenager escapes to another country and pursues a quiet academic life. He ends up with a wife and a daughter, and is simply known to many in his new town as a man who was once “powerful, exceedingly beautiful and was deeply loved and highly favoured”.

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