melbourne (like jason bourne)

in melbourne, like jason bourne. hopped on a jetplane, watched big bang theory. the best pho’ in the world is in st albans, the best thai in the world, on lygon street. a day out in daylesford, a hot afternoon in mill’s market, coffee at brother bubba budan, on little bourke st. miss my woolworths, my coles, my mcd’s by the lake.

cherry picking in red hill, seafood luncheon in mornington the rocks, traipsing in brunswick, catching up on childhood movies at home. home alone, death becomes her, mrs doubtfire, the monster club. paying tribute to aussie legend, heath ledger, watching 10 things i hate about you on aussie soil.

home made nasi lemak on christmas eve, antipasti and lobster on christmas day, home made shortbread and raspberry coolie to finish. souvlaki dinner at stalactite, taking notes on inception on my plane home:

1. i will not follow in my father’s footsteps
2. i will create something for myself
3. i will split up my father’s empire
4. my father doesn’t want me to be him

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