Coastal road

There is a road I like to take in Penang. It goes from Teluk Bahang to Balik Pulau, crossing through the north-western part of the island. Balik Pulau, which literally means “back of the island” in Malay, is one of the last few villages left on Penang island.

The coastal road which begins from Tanjung Tokong crosses through Batu Ferringhi, Teluk Bahang and ends up in Balik Pulau. The Batu Ferringhi stretch always reminds me of the Amalfi Coast, with its narrow winding roads, sharp corners and the wrestle between car and bus.

Things you should do along the coastal road:
• Shop at Batu Ferringhi night market at night
• Hike to Muka Head and swim at Pantai Teluk Aling
• Stop by Teluk Bahang dam for a picture
• Take a dip in Titi Kerawang waterfall
• Have laksa and hokkien mee in Pulau Betong
• Buy the famous nutmeg juice from Balik Pulau market
• Eat karipap ayam from Malay lady outside Petronas

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