Two weddings and a trip home

Day 0
Arrive 4.40pm, back home for Mum’s chicken porridge
Shower, rest, dinner with grandparents at Ocean Green
Sleeping with my sister

Pulau Tikus shophouses

Day 1
Woke up 8.30am, fetch sister to work
2 eggs, 2 buns, 1 kopi for breakfast
Batu Lanchang market char koay teow
United Hokkien cemeteries
Tan Mark bookstore
Afternoon tea at Suffolk House
Dinner at Cherry Blossom Thai restaurant
Starbucks with Zul, fetch sister from UPR

Suffolk House, Jalan Ayer Itam

Day 2
2pm Charles & Brenda wedding luncheon at E&O Hotel
6pm May Ling & Jin wedding at Lone Pine Hotel
12am Back home, shower, sleep

Pantai Teluk Aling, Teluk Bahang

Day 3
Teluk Bahang hiking and swimming
Sun, sea, sand, shells, jellyfish
Climbing rocks, boat ride
Balik Pulau laksa and karipap

Kampung life, Balik Pulau

Day 4
10am Wake up, breakfast, pack
12pm Lunch at home, spring rolls, vege & steamed mince
1pm Genting tau chui, Ivory visit Ah Kong
3pm Home, airport, Coffee Bean
5pm Back to Singapore

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