Stranger than fiction

Things you don’t really talk about but if you think about them, they’re actually quite surreal.

1. When I was 11, I was in Sydney and amidst a crowd of KISS concertgoers, a Vietnamese man ran past me and shot a policeman.
2. When I was 17, I almost died in a car crash driving home from school one afternoon. I opened my mouth in anticipation of the crash but my steering wheel swerved away to the left.
3. When I was 19, I got into an illegal cab in Shenyang, China with a Thai friend. We refused to pay the extortionate amount and were thrown out in the middle of the highway at night.
4. When I was in Vietnam last month, I was mistaken for a Vietnamese prostitute by the security guard on the way up to my host’s apartment.
5. When I was in Vietnam last month, I was also taken to a VIP party only to end up in an industrial warehouse, where AXE was launching its deodorant to a majority teenage crowd.

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