Love is.. pt II

Love is…
• Patient, never gives up
• Kind, cares more for others than for self
• Not jealous, envious, doesn’t want what it doesn’t have
• Not boastful, doesn’t strut
• Not proud, not arrogant, doesn’t have a swelled head
• Not rude, does not dishonour others, doesn’t force itself on others
• Does not demand or insist its own way, not self-seeking, isn’t always “me first”
• Not irritable or resentful, not easily angered, doesn’t fly off the handle
• Keeps no record of being wronged, doesn’t keep score of the sins of others
• Does not rejoice about injustice or wrongdoing, does not delight in evil, doesn’t revel when others grovel
• Rejoices when the truth wins out, takes pleasure in the flowering of truth
• Never gives up, protects, bears all things, puts up with anything
• Never loses faith, trusts, believes all things, trusts God always
• Always hopeful, always looks for the best
• Endures through every circumstance, perseveres, never looks back, but keeps going to the end

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