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What kind of worker are you? (pt.II)

At the RE:UNION conference in KL last month, I heard a message about the difference between a roster worker and a vision worker.

• A roster worker does the minimum, but a vision worker does the maximum.
• A roster worker keeps counting, but a vision worker keeps giving.
• A roster worker has skill, but a vision worker has spirit.
• A roster worker sees it as a career, but a vision worker sees it as a calling.
• A roster worker is a consumer, but a vision worker is a creator.
• A roster worker wants to resign and retire, but a vision worker gets reassigned and refired.
• A roster worker thinks he’s doing you a favour, but a vision worker considers it a privilege.
• A roster worker compares with the rest, but a vision worker compares with the best.
• A roster worker finds ways to escape, but a vision worker finds ways to improve.
• A roster worker does very little with a lot, but a vision worker does a lot with very little.
• A roster worker can’t wait to get out, but a vision worker can’t wait to get in.
• A roster worker experiences a breakdown, but a vision worker experiences a breakthrough.
• A roster worker asks, “Why is he off again?”, but a vision worker asks, “When am I on again?”

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